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School of Post Doctorate Studies


  • Doctor of Science in Christian Education – DSc C.Ed.
  • Doctor of Science in Christian Counseling – DSc.CC.
  • Doctor of Science in Church Administration and Management – DSc.CAM.
  • Doctor of Science in Church Growth – DSc. CG.
  • Doctor of Science in Theology – DSc. Th.
  • Doctor of Science in Evangelism and Missions DSc.EM.


State the reasons you are prompted to pursue a research in the particular area you have chosen.

Describe what you hope to gain through this research program you have chosen. Give specific goals and personal or professional needs. A scholarly research-oriented paper must be submitted with the application for admission.

This paper should reflect the applicant’s ability to identify appropriate sources, to critically reflect upon them and draw sound conclusions. Good form and style should be followed. (SERMON NOTES AND OUTLINES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE)

Research Duration

Two years after completion of Doctorate Degree in any of the above Discipline.

For Evangelism and Missions Applicant only

Beginning with the most recent, list (including dates) your ministry experiences in various cross-cultural (and cross sub-cultural) situations. As you reflect on these experiences, write an essay indicating what you have learned about cultural dynamics and ministry effectiveness. Also, indicate what you believe you have yet to learn and how the BCU research program in Evangelism and Missions will assist you in that learning.

For All Applicants

TEN topics Study syllabus WILL be required for this program and will earn 12 credit hours each of the required research credits. Your written work must be built from a bibliography of at least three reference books.

All completed Application Forms should be returned and accompanied with the applicant’s

Master’s Degree Certificate
Doctorate Degree Certificate
Doctorate Degree Academic Transcript from the applicant’s previous Seminary or University.

A Ten-page typed seminar paper on the applicant’s area of proposed discipline must be submitted along with the online application.

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