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Frequently Asked Questions


What is BCU?

BCU is known as Bethel Christian University, established for the training of men and women of God to reach the world.

What is the main purpose of Bethel Christian University?

The main purpose of Bethel Christian University is to encourage Spiritual growth, and development of Christian characters, that God’s servants may become better Soul winners and soldiers of Christ. As a Christian Educational Institution, our Mission is to:

Enlighten and teach Lay Christian Workers to become Ministers of the Gospel.

Provide continuing Ministerial training for mature Pastors, and Evangelists.

Is Bethel Christian University an approved Institution?

Bethel Christian University has been properly approved and registered with the Government and recognized by the IRS as a Non-Profit 501(c) 3 Organization.

Is Bethel Christian University Accredited?

Bethel Christian University is fully accredited by Worldwide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions. We wish to make it perfectly clear that due to the principle of separation of Church and State, BCU has chosen not to seek accreditation from any accrediting Agency supervised by the Government; this would amount to a compromise of the separation principle and constitute friendship with the world.

What is your doctrinal Position?

Our doctrinal position is purely Evangelical and Pentecostal in nature.

Who should enroll with BCU?

Admission is open to all Born Again Christians with Evangelical and Pentecostal background. We adhere to high moral and ethical standards, and so if you meet with our entry qualifications, we welcome you as a new student.

Does BCU award any Secular Degree?

No, BCU does not award any Secular related degrees. All BCU degrees are religious based.

Can I take my courses by correspondence?

Yes, our correspondence courses are designed to encourage students to grow in their knowledge of God, His word and His will for their lives. We are traditional and non-traditional Christian Institution offering residential and non-residential programs to our students.

Is BCU a denominational Institution?

No, we are not a part of any denomination, but we are Church and Ministry oriented. We are inter-denominational and inter-racial Institution of Biblical Education.

Why do you charge fees?

BCU is a legal non-profit religious Organization, and although we do not function for monetary purpose and gain, but we do incur many expenses in our day to day operations, that is why we charge fees. We rely upon student fees, donations and free will love offerings from friends.

What does BCU do?

BCU offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate doctoral programs, conferring all levels of degrees in almost every religious field. We provide the highest quality Biblical studies to meet your educational needs. Our main scope is Religious Education.

Can I take my course by Distance Learning or online program?

Yes, the whole educational philosophy of BCU is to train students right where they are. Your job cannot hold you back any longer. You can continue to be useful and fruitful in your local Church and obtain the religious degrees of your choice at the same time.

Can I just take one course but not working towards degree program?

Yes, if you are not interested in pursuing a degree program. You can take an audit course to improve your knowledge which can be applied towards your degree program later if you wish.

Can I take a course if I do not have a High School Diploma?

Yes, there are many Church Workers and Ministers, who would like to take a Christian Education Course, but for a number of reasons are unable to attend, such as lack of a high school Diploma. The Bethel Christian University has recognized this great need and has dedicated itself to meeting these needs. We can help you bring your desires to pass and make your dream a reality, by enrolling you for our Certificate and Diploma in Christian Ministry.

How long will it take to complete a Program?

Bethel Christian University does not follow a strict semester schedule. We operate continuously year round. BCU has an intensive and accelerated program of study. Our courses are so time-tailored that you could complete them in a relatively short time.

Is your Tuition fee affordable?

Yes, the tuition fee is very affordable compare to other Universities of same nature. The goal of BCU is to provide students with the finest Biblical education at the lowest possible cost.

Does BCU accept credits from other Institutions?

Yes, BCU is willing to accept credits earned from other legitimate and approved Institutions around the world.

Do you offer discount for Student’s Spouse?

To honor the sanctity of Holy Matrimony, a husband and wife may share the same course books. BCU will give a 50% discount on tuition fee to the spouse of our students when his or her fees are paid in full.

Is your course credit transferable?

BCU credits are acceptable in many good schools, but whether a particular school will accept our credits is unpredictable. We cannot be responsible for the decisions and policies of others. It is a very subjective issue and depending upon many circumstances and factors. But we do believe you will find most similar schools that will accept transfer from Bethel Christian University.

What is degree by thesis?

Degree by Thesis is a degree designed for ministers who are on full time or part time Christian Ministry and does not need a College credit for further study. The purpose is to enhance the professional competence of those already in the ministry.

Does the University offer Scholarship?

Degree by Thesis is a degree designed for ministers who are on full time or part time Christian Ministry and does not need a College credit for further study. The purpose is to enhance the professional competence of those already in the ministry.

Do you have Advanced Standing Status?

Yes. Every school of higher education appropriately grants “advanced Standing” upon satisfactory evaluation of a student’s previous study, life and work experiences. Granting credit for life and work experience is founded upon the old proverb “Experience is the best Teacher”. Therefore, if you have acquired Bible knowledge and Ministerial skills, you are qualified to receive credit(s) for it.

Can my previous academic works be evaluated?

Yes. Information you provided will be able to determine your allowable credits towards a degree. Of course, every one’s past educational and ministerial history is different, and must be individually assessed to see what level of advanced standing you qualify for, but we will be fair and as generous as possible.

What is your Refund policy?

All fees are Non-refundable except Tuition Fees. Refund of Tuition fees is based on the starting date of a program or course.

What is your withdrawal Policy?

Students who wish to withdraw from class or course may do so provided he or she submits a written application to withdraw within TEN days of admission or TEN days of registering for the course to the Dean.

What payment methods do you accept?

The University accepts Visa Card, Master Card, and American Express with other approved PayPal acceptable credit/debit cards.

What is your student confidential Policy?

BCU is committed in protecting the confidential records of all Students. Your privacy is very important to us. We shall protect your personal information by all security means to safeguards against any unauthorized access or use.

What payment methods do you accept?

The University accepts Visa Card, Master Card, and American Express with other approved PayPal acceptable credit/debit cards.

Do you Award A Honorary Doctorate Degree?

Yes. Bethel Christian University offers honorary degree to people who have distinguished themselves in their ministries and communities. The honorary degree is not earned, but deserved. This degree is for those that does not need to prepare for ministry with an earned degree, but has already made an impact in the ministry and Christian Communities. It is given to well recognize eminent personalities who have contributed to the building of Christian Churches, Ministries, Communities, the Nation and the cause of Christ in World Evangelism.

Do you conduct Ordination for Students?

No. Any student of BCU who desires to be Licensed and/or Ordained may request information from Kingsway Fellowship International Des Moines IA. USA. – www.kingswayfellowship.org
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