Need Academic AND MINISTRY Evaluation!

Please include your Christian Resume and Transcripts when sending this form.

Please be thorough and complete to ensure accurate evaluation of your academic  and Ministry credits.

Ministry Credits

The main objective of our Practical Ministry Evaluation is to help you discover and develop skills necessary in performing your God given ministry.  We are dedicated to the task of training men and women of God to serve others.  Each level of study requires ministry credits – (on the job training on each field of study).

Practical Ministry credits may be obtained through documentation of Christian service hours (that includes present and past activities) in your Church,  Religious organization, non-church ministries, Evangelistic Ministry, Christian Counseling ministry, Teaching and Preaching assignments etc. These service hours must be verified by the Senior Pastor of your Church or President of Your Ministry, or the Senior Counselor on a service evaluation report.

Service examples covers areas such as: Deacon, Deaconess, Sunday school Teachers, Choir Ministers, Music Ministers, Hospital/Jail Ministers, Assistant/Associate Pastors, Nursing Home visitation, and Administrative Ministers etc.

Bethel Christian University requires that church attendance  should be on a regular basis,  to enable you  meet with the requirements set for this practical ministry. This  must be supervised by your immediate Pastor or President. Your Practical Ministry service will be evaluated, the credit hours and the grades will be assessed to determine the total credit hours you will have. EG. 1 hour of service per week for 18 weeks = 1 credit hour, 2 hours of service per week for 18 weeks = 2 credit hours.​​

Bethel Christian University
Practical Ministry

These instructions are intended to assist the student in the preparation of a life experience and Ministry Resume, to be used in a life experience and academic evaluation  by Bethel Christian University.  The reason is that we learn many valuable things through work, military experience, projects completed, reading, non-credit seminars and workshops etc., that may be  translated into college credit.  A student may be qualified for up to 30 life credits in order to qualify, the student must be at least 25 years of age and provide documentation through the life experience resume.  This resume is sent to the University and evaluated by the Dean of Studies, who will decide how many life experience credits can be approved.  Submitting a resume is not a must to have a credit if not deserved.

The process of preparing a life experience resume is simple.  The following guidelines can assist the student in preparation of his or her resume.

Life Experience

Your present occupation – (paid or volunteer), Military duty, Project completed, Seminars  and workshops attended/conducted, Awards received, Publications and Writings, Teaching Ministry, Preaching Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Served on Boards, Ordination received, Membership of professional bodies, Working experience with employers with dates, Educational Institutions attended with dates, and qualifications obtained – (secular/theological), Non-credit course taken, Counseling works, Missions work,  Ministry of Administration and other useful information that will enhance your credits.

Decide if those experiences should be worth of college credits and express  a formal statement your justification of each.  Provide adequate documentation of the experiences including letters of commendations, awards etc. The documents  should verify both the quality and the quantity of experiences which you have had. List all the courses and subjects you have taken so far,  all your employment history and years of experience,  your ministry experience or church involvement history and additional life learning experiences and special training you have undergone etc.

The resume/evaluation sheet should be mailed along with the application forms etc, to the office of the Registrar, Bethel Christian University.  Students are advised to make  additional copy of their resume for file in case the one they submitted got lost in the mail