Honorary Degree

Bethel Christian University offers honorary degree to people who have distinguished themselves in their ministries and communities. The honorary degree is not earned, but deserved. This degree is for those that does not need to prepare for ministry with an earned degree, but has already made an impact in the ministry and Christian Communities.   It is given to well recognize eminent personalities who have contributed to the building of Christian Churches, Ministries, Communities, the Nation and the cause of Christ in World Evangelism.

If you are a Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet, Missionary, Apostle, Teacher of the Word or a Leader of an active Christian Ministry, Bethel Christian University may be able to grant you an Honorary Doctorate  Degree on the basis of 1 Timothy 5:17, if you meet the  requirements.


Group one

  • Doctor of Divinity (D.D)
  • Doctor of Evangelism (D.E)
  • Doctor of Christian Mission (C.M.D)
  • Doctor of Sacred Music (S.M.D)

These Degrees are award to an individual as a Religious or Sacred degree, a person inspired by the Spirit of God with hope, vision on leadership.

Group Two

  • Doctor of Letters (D. Litt.) 
  • Doctor of Humanity (H.D)
  • Doctor of Sacred Music (S.M.D)
  • Doctor of Sacred Literature (S.L.D.)

These Degrees are awarded primarily to an individual who has made contributions to Christian Communities.