Advanced Standing is given for College Credit and Life Experience.

Degrees may be earned through our Distance learning/online programs

If you are looking for quality Ministerial Education where you can earn a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate Degrees through (Distance/Online learning), then you are at the right place.

We have endeavored to design a system of study for All Believers, who desire to mature into full grown children of God – able to fulfill their places within the Body of Christ.

We exist to Channel you towards a path of Ministry for your Church and to develop you with the capacity to handle any situation the enemy may throw on you.

Off Campus Faculty

The Bethel Christian University off campus Education Faculty is a network of academically qualified and experienced men and women across the globe. These individuals have earned graduate level and post graduate degrees at other institutions. Each one has a God given desire to help you accomplish your theological education and apply your Training in your ministry. You will have an advisor in each subject who will help you to maximize your education.


For Sunday School Teachers, Church Workers, Christian Leaders, Full-Time/Part-Time Pastors,

those preparing for full-time Christian Ministry and those wiling to dig deep in the Scriptures.

An In-depth Christ Centered Theological University for the training of the end time Ministers.

Distance Learning Programs

We have made provisions for those who have the call of God but at present unable to attend full-time or part-time courses. Our proven concept of practical College training is channeled through a variety of subjects, and degree programs. These are implemented by a qualified and experience extension faculty, which will be involved with you in every course of study. The final result is a degree program which is a genuine learning experience and immediately applicable to your specific ministry. Because you study at your own pace, you can begin at any time for extension, and correspondence courses. Why not decide today to add a new dimension to your life and ministry.


The Academic Dean and his associates are always ready and available to counsel any student concerning selection of his or her major. All students must pass all the related/compulsory subjects to earn him or her a major in his or her faculty.


Candidates must be in the field of religion. They must be contributors in one way or another to the fields of Ministry, Theology, Teaching, Writing, Counseling or related interests. Candidates must have been active in their respective fields for a period of one year. Candidates must meet the same requirements to enter the University.For individuals with specific ministry requirements, the University offers a variety of specializations,which may be taken as either a minor or major concentration in a degree program.