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Degrees by Thesis/Dissertation Programs


Studying and giving attendance to reading has a lot to be achieved in the maintenance and management of Spirituality in our Churches. Bethel Christian University Theological degree by thesis/dissertation or study syllabus is out to meet with those needs. Since there will be no textbooks and Lecture outlines, it is considered as a non-academic research program.



This program is intended for Ministers who are on full-time Christian ministry and does not need a college credit for further study. The purpose is to enhance the professional competence of those already in the ministry. The mission is to provide the highest possible quality of Theological Education on the Graduate levels for individual development of the Ministers. This program is designed to improve and integrate fully the concern of Theological Education for developing knowledge, skills and motivations which will enable the men and women of God function confidently and effectively in the ministry. This research non-academic program is interactive and supportive for Practical Learning experiences.


Students will be required to select topics from a comprehensive list submitted and approved by the University. These research topics must not be less than fifty (50) pages per each, and must be suitable for publication and classroom syllabus with study questions at the end of each chapter. The students should have a great deal of aptitude in the presentation methods of their research work. However, except for a brief quotation, they should limit writing of the research project in their own words.


Candidates must be in the field of Religion. They must be contributors in one way or the other to the fields of Ministry, Theology, Teaching, Preaching, Writing or related interests. Candidates must have been active in their respective fields for a period of not less than Ten (10) years. Candidates must meet the same requirements to enter the University. There is no transfer of credits hours and there will be no transcripts on this program. The minimum number of topics to be selected: – Masters – Seven (7) topics and Doctorate – Ten (10) topics.Associate and Bachelor Degree students are not allowed to participate on this program.The University must approve the student participation on this program by evaluation and the needs of the applicant. The university has the right to refuse or denies admission of student to this program on receipt of application for admission. Applicant must not be less than thirty-five years of age.

Successful completion of Thesis/Dissertation or Study Syllabus will lead to the award of the University’s Master or Doctorate Degree in any of the following major or concentration.
  • Practical Theology,
  • Systematic Theology,
  • Pastoral Theology,
  • Organizational Leadership,
  • Marriage and Family Studies,
  • Christian Education,
  • Church Administration and Management,
  • Church Growth,
  • Christian World Missions,
  • Christian Leadership, 
  • Pastoral Ministry.
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